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About us

We are a scientific research laboratory based in the beautiful City of Turku, Finland. Our lab focuses on understanding how receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) regulate the pathogenesis of human diseases, such as cancer. We hope to use the knowledge we acquire to propel the development of targeted therapeutics in cancer.
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Our Tools


GeneCa is a decision support tool for precision oncology. GeneCa database includes information about targeted cancer drugs, their target molecules, pivotal publications and the ongoing & concluded trials. The GeneCa database is maintained by Fican West.
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Mutation Designer

Mutation Designer was written to predict primers for whole plasmid Site-Directed Mutagenesis. This tool can be used to design primers for QuickChange Site Directed mutagenesis(SDM), Q5 Site Directed mutagenesis and even several "homemade" Site Directed mutagenesis kits and workflows.
Plasmid Map

Our recent publications

You can find the list of publications on our laboratory's primary website and pubmed.